Sophy Ridge on Sunday is a new programme produced by Sky News and fronted by Sophy Ridge airing on Sunday mornings.
Full design package including idents, video walls, live screen furniture, set, signage and on site promo graphics.

Sky News wanted to produce something different: fresh, open, optimistic, but still hard hitting. It will be personality driven, engaging, youthful, friendly and welcoming.
Bold and colourful, the design reflects her attitude, her youth and her determination.

The set is built to give a intimate feeling and reflect the brand. Comfortable chairs and a coffee table have been chosen to make the guests feel cosy on a Sunday morning.

Senior Design: Celine Reynaud, Harry Ward
Designer: Laura Saitch
Set-Designer: Jonathan Ryder-Richardson
DOP: Karl Watkins
Design Project Manager: Leann Stuart
Head of Design: Chyaz Buffett

Output Editor: Toby Sculthorp
Output Producer: Tom Larking

Executive Producer: John Ryley​​​​​​​