Life-Long Play with Moleskine & Toy Story
Video credits and a big thanks to:
Director & Writer: Edson Oda
Producer: Ivan Bordas
Executive Producers: Brian Vincent Rhodes & Ivan Bordas
Cinematographers: Auden Bui & Tony Rettenmaier
Illustrator & Animator: Tuo Kan
Production Designer & ArtDirector: Sijia Huang
Editor & Color Correction: David Donato
Music Arrangement by Samuel Ferrari & Felipe Junqueira
Stereo Mix & SFX: mdois
VFX & Color Correction: Rodolfo Pauletto 
Associate Producer: Ian M. McClellan
Transportation: Pablo Martins
Still Photography: Ivan Bordas & Tony Rettenmaier
Film Processing & Transferring: Yale Film and Video 
Production Company: The Vincent Design Group