Spanish Western

Main titles for 'Spanish Western', a documentary about Westerns shooted in Spain. 


In all Westerns, you will see at least two things: a sunrise over a stunning landscape and wood. A lot of wood. We wanted to pay homage to those films creating a sunrise over a wooden typographic landscape.


Starting from ‘Morricone’ font, we developed some modular letters. We used 3D to make volumetric pieces and we created the landscape by playing with the top angle of each piece. With CNC cutting we got the wooden pieces. We used two techniques during the shooting: video and stop motion. We shooted Rafa Martin, a craftsman master, working with wood. And, to shoot the typographic landscape, we used stop motion to capture the changes in light position. Each of these takes is made up of 500 photos. 

Title design starting from the "Morricone" font
Wooden pieces for modular letters

Stop motion lighting

Spanish Western


Spanish Western

Main titles for 'Spanish Western', a documentary about westerns films shooted in Spain.