Package design for a minimalist travel gear company
Sleipnîr is a minimalist travel gear company based on Norse mythology.

Sleipnir is the eight-legged horse of the Norse God, Odin. According to legend, he was born from Svaoilfari and Loki (while in female stallion form). He is known as the swiftest and most versitile horse in the world as he carries Odin across the land, sea, and sky to the Realms of the Dead and Asgard. Sleipnir also acts as a shuttle for the dead to the other world.

Sleipnir gear is inspired by this Norse legend of travel by any means possible. Our brand will take you to another world through simplistic, efficient travel gear that is designed through miles of experience. Each item is constructed to be easy to carry whether traveling by land, sea, or air. Here, we advocate freedom by maximizing your experiences.