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    Andrew Hernandez.
Actress: Andrew Hernandez

Hollywood: A True Test Of Character.

Photography by Bruce E. James
Produced by Jennifer James
Hair and Make-up by Hilla 'Lali' Peer

Part 1: Andrew Hernandez 
Part 2: Alexandra Bengtsson (see portfolio)

'A TrueTest of Character'

Hollywood. It's not just a city located in the heart of Los Angeles; it's a place where young talent may come to make their dreams a reality. Not many cities or places in the world can be described that way. Although it is an incredibly tough road, aspiring actors and actresses work extremely hard to balance their day jobs with acting classes. They network at auditions and study scripts at their castings-all in hopes for a call back. But what fascinates us the most is their constant determination, incredible passion, and focus towards their one main goal... to become the next big star. For this reason, we created a series of photography portraits called 'A True Test of Character'. This series will be continued and built as we meet and photograph some of these amazing spirits found in the acting industry.
Andrew is currently represented by:
Envy Model Management LZ/LV

On that note, we look forward to meeting and photographing more aspiring actors and actresses. And like the cliche for Hollywood, we would like to say to each of the hard working talent out there... "Break a leg."