In the wake of the protests and unrest in the city of Charlotte, I was asked to produce a video that would close out a full day of news coverage that would communicate the emotion and heartache felt by Charlotteans.  A local photographer, who marched with protestors each night, provided me with the incredibly impactful photographs that were used in all of our promotional materials.  A combination of choosing the right sound bites from a press conference, weaving in sounds and emotions from protestors and police, and the right cut of music set the mood and tone for what would be one of my best productions of the year.  This video was aired multiple times throughout the week on our station, shared countless thousands of times on social media, and even featured on the City of Charlotte's website as an encouragement to the city for healing after the sad week of violence and unrest.  

Photo credit:  Jonathan Brashear, Shutter Anthem Photography