Architects: Ryabov Alex,  Pshenova Irina, Svetlov Dmitriy
Project Year: 2014
Location: Residential house in Kucherova, Russia

Total area: 334 м2

The main idea of this country house is the creation of a simple volume with natural materials creating a sense of security of the interior spaces, but not separating the house from the nature.  On the facade of the house has a large solid surface tiled with travertine, revealing the natural beauty of the stone. Veneer oak Board adds warmth to the facades, in contrast to the cold stone floor. The house is suitable stone slabs to the lake, the opposite shore of which is natural landscape. Connection with nature is also emphasized forest tree growing between the wall and towering over the house through the opening in the roof.
Stained-glass glazing creates a sense of continuity of internal and external spaces, while the wooden facade screens allow you to partially or completely isolate the interior of the house.
The house is designed for temporary residence of a married couple and their children. The first floor has living room, dining room, kitchen, office, guest room. The second floor is completely given over to the bedrooms where you can relax from the open nature of the first floor.

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