Agape! Editorial; Love will keep us alive.
Agape! is a self-conceptualized editorial, movement and ideal centered around the concept that in our short span on Earth, we but only have each other. 
Why waste time fueling the fires of hatred and discrimination, 
when we may sow the seeds of peace? 
The articles found within Agape! talk about icons, ideals and situations of peace that encourage the reader to believe that there is a change for love to grow and flourish in a world plagued by misunderstanding.

Agape! is heavily influenced by the Hippie era bothvisually and conceptually. I believe that the ideals of the 70's are more relevant today then ever before. The same problems of the past continue to trouble us with war, economics and poverty among them. Agape! believes that love is the single element, and solution to the problems of the world.

Agape! is accompanied by promotional collaterals including a T-SHIRT, Delivery Package, Pencils, Badges and various other materials.

Accompanying CD with various songs and downloadable imagery to enhance the Agape! experience of a wholesome reading experience.
Various promotional collaterals to be given out at live music gigs and performances for the promotion of Agape!
Prints for the Agape! tote bag design. The tote bag is part of Agape! promotional collateral. 
Promotional prints for the launch and promotion of Agape!