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    Website for the Jäger On Ice Tour 2010.
House Calls
Jägermeister toured Germany: with a TV crew, a bartender and the feature drink 'JÄGER On Ice' for a new age group whose feet are no longer stuck in festival mud but whose heads and hearts have instead moved on to more convivial interests.

By fulfilling the desire for authenticity and genuine communication, the campaign hit home: 'Jägermeister is looking for true stories'. It made Jägermeister more than a household name – it made it a living room guest.

On the campaign site, the house call episodes are presented on fifteen alternating ambient backdrops. Due to the widescreen-optimized set-up, it’s almost like leafing through a travel diary. The route picked up on the touring atmosphere, its path determined through the YouTube videos’ geo tags and replenished with neighboring towns. A tool, developed solely for this project, enabled designers to manually adapt the route.
Creative Direction: Florian Schmitt
Art Direction: Alexander Meinhardt
Design: Sonja Johnke