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Leca & Juliano
Graphic Design
Leca and Juliano planned their wedding with a lot of attention to every single detail, in order to create a ceremony rang true to their values and personalities: simple yet sophisticated; elegant, but not traditional. 
Though it seemed a bit bold in the beginning, the idea of using Black on Black proved itself to be the best solution, by being both unexpected for a wedding invitation and representative of the couple's personality (both Leca & Juliano are rarely seen wearing any colour other than black).

The black envelope worked as a teaser for the invitation, setting its overall 'tone' without revealing much detail.
Contrasting with the envelope's simplicity, the invitation explored different printing processes to achieve and elegant and powerful look, mixing rustic and high-end elements.
The couple's Star Wars inspired wedding rings (designed by Alvim Jóias) were printed in gold foil, giving the invitation a more 'wedding like' feel. The typography followed the same principle, counterbalancing the effect caused by the Black on Black print.
The use of glossy black ink with large size typography guaranteed the invitation's legibility.
The invitation also carried a set of tips to better enjoy the wedding, written by the bride and the groom, printed in white-gold paper.
Leca & Juliano