Using the industry’s latest and greatest charging technology, PowerPack incorporates high-density Panasonic li-ion batteries and USB-C ports to ensure reliability, longevity, and forward compatibility. Pushing the envelope with FASTcharge technology and 3.0A-compatible ports to charge your devices even more rapidly, we also made sure to include a legacy USB-A output that’s compatible with all your older cables. With a shockproof, dual-layer construction and military-grade impact resistance, PowerPack is built to last – which is a good thing, because with a built-in Tile tracker to prevent you from ever losing it, you’ll have it for a while.

With PowerPack, we weren’t satisfied with being the most advanced. We wanted a truly usable, well thought-out device you couldn’t help but love. Have you ever plugged in a power pack at night, only to be kept awake by the bright charging lights? Do you squint and strain to see your battery status in the sun? PowerPack’s AmbientIQ technology makes those days a thing of the past, utilizing light sensors to automatically adjust LED brightness for optimal viewing.

PowerPack is more than just a power pack. With a built-in Tile Bluetooth tracker, PowerPack is a powerful locating beacon. Need help finding it or the bag it’s in? Just use the Tile app on your phone to ring it. If it’s across town and out of range, leverage the Tile community to find it for you. As soon as someone else with a Tile walks within 100ft of your PowerPack, you’ll get an alert with a map location so you know exactly where to find it.

Can’t find your phone? Simply press the “Tile” button on PowerPack twice to ring your phone – even when it’s on silent. Oh, and don’t be worried about your Tile going dead if PowerPack runs out of juice; there’s a built-in battery backup for that.

With USB-C and USB-A outputs, PowerPack is compatible with nearly every deviceFeaturing pass-through charging and automatically detected FASTcharge outputs, PowerPack maximizes charging efficiency.