Taking a quick tour around the approach

We bring our unique visual, structured thinking processes to solve complex problems for large multi-national clients. Our clients want to liberate opportunity, differentiate and be more innovative - resolve a problem, create a strategy or transform their business. We want to help them do this in a way that liberates confidence renews energy and builds ownership.

See Business Challenges, References, Classic Approach Well, for us it’s about not solving the wrong problem really well. It's about creating a shared appreciation of the bigger picture and using powerful tools. We utilise visualization and Contextual Frameworks to develop aligned solutions to business problems, supported by confident leaders. See 4D Approach, Outcomes, 4D Deliverables Who are we?Group Partners is deliberately a tightly focused and small team which consciously avoids having a ‘long tail’ of things to sell. We have an Expert Network of talented partners but are passionate and faithful to certain values - helping our clients arrive at what is right and needs doing to create value, not what we want to sell them. See Group Partners Values, Visualism, Classic Approach What we do?We apply techniques that we have designed and proven over the last 15 years,over 1000 client cases and to every possible type of business problem.Rapid Resolution of complex and persistent business problems. And above all Rapid Value Acceleration See 4D, SVT, Clients, References Why is this important?The world moves very fast and clients can no longer afford to spend 6 months or a year under going a comprehensive strategic review by external consultants where the net result is a non shared thesis on what may or may not be the right answer.

Clients can also ill afford to wait while the market moves on and the context in which they operate is shifting so rapidly. They need to get their own hands on the wheel so we build the controls with them. How does it work?
We have two things to bring to our clients. A four step approach to thinking. Discovery, Development, Decision and Deployment. We call it 4D.It is a visual, collaborative process of partially non-invasive and partially interventionist waves of activity. Its fast, high energy and rewarding.

We also bring Structured Visual Thinking, a visualization based approach which builds rich scenarios, journeys and stories either created live in team situations or remotely through thorough research or briefing.
We have built a significant - dynamic library of business objects and a digital environment for this which is called SVT Live Why Does It Work?Why our work is so important is because it creates the ability to collaborate,share ideas and think through concepts as a leadership team. The mere act of getting people together with open questions and a clear framework is a powerful opportunity to build value and relationships.We see it as a real privilege to extract the insights and make them come real within a structured and practical context. See Collaboration.

This act is far more visceral than any pure form facilitation.The processing of a conversation in real time, where the instrument of deliberation is a 30 foot by 8 foot white wall, a structured framework and a writing/drawing implement has awesome power in it.

What is the right answer? who said it? why is that right?what does it mean? what are the impacts of that statement or that symbolic representation? It becomes either a dangerous weapon or a break through moment, a piece of important stimulation or something tobe edited out forever. That's its power, right there, an immediate and important consignment to the trash or an agreed operating principle or decision. See Facilitation

Powerful indeed...

We don't take this responsibility lightly. Both the wall capture and the patterns in the documentary become critically important phases in the iteration of strategy – important steps in building shared commitment to valuable outcomes.