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    A virtual reality tour through a bacon themed 3D world where users can buy Hormel bacon with their eyes.

BBDO’s work for Hormel's Black Label Bacon has been on the cutting edge of bacon advertising over the years. For one campaign, they created the first bacon fueled motorcycle and drove it across the country; for another, they took on the Vegas strip with the first bacon strip show. So it was no surprise when they came to HAUS looking for a big, avant garde idea around the consumer experience of buying bacon.


We suggested a virtual reality, e-commerce site for discovering and buying bacon. They loved it.

Users are led through a bacon themed 3D world where they can buy bacon with their eyes.

Either with Google Cardboard, or simply on a regular phone or desktop browser.

BBDO was excited about the VR e-commerce idea, but they needed a more fleshed-out concept before they could present to Hormel. I was tasked with figuring out the flow, structure, and aesthetic feel of the experience. The following images are scenes I designed during that process.

The experience highlights three different bacon flavors, and each flavor corresponds to a different world — we call them "Flavorscapes." The user starts in a hub, where they can choose one of several paths. They receive mysterious messaging along the way, eventually finding their way to a hidden piece of bacon, which then expands into a floating cloud of related objects and ingredients. For the pitch, I used Jalapeño bacon as an example, and the cloud included abstract "spicy" or "hot" substances such as obsidian, volcanic glass, matches, igneous rock, and a spark plug.

Once Hormel was on board, we delegated each Flavorscape to a different designer at HAUS. I was given the underwater scene for Sea Salt bacon (eventually renamed "The Salty Sea"). Other scenes were The Jalapeño Volcano for jalapeño bacon, the Cherry Woods for cherrywood smoked bacon, and the Vastness of Variety, which was set in outer space and encompassed all of Hormel's many Black Label flavors.

Below is the comp I made for the underwater scene. It eventually changed quite a bit during the process of 3D modeling and developing, and the experience shifted to include more surreal and quirky elements, but the bones are there.

FWA: Site of the Day
AdFed: Gold for Consumer Website
AdFed: Silver for Direct Mail Campaign
AdFed: Silver for Augmented Reality
Awwwards: Honorable Mention

Creative Director: Steed Griffin
Company: HAUS