Ages Of Us : Stanislaus National Forest

Ages Of Us : Olivia 
Age : 18

Olivia joined us on the Ages Of Us bench as the youngest of the ladies we met at Stanislaus. Olivia talked about her plans for the future and how she is very aware that life is for living in the now and shouldn't be spent living in fear otherwise...

“all of a sudden you're gonna wake up and one day realise like, theres nothing next and I wasted all my time worrying, I don’t know.” 

As a representative of the younger generation of women Olivia was fun, intelligent, considered and informed.  She and her brother gave an impression of hope for the future.  
Ages Of Us : Amanda
Age : 26

Amanda came and chatted to us with her husband and told us about her recent wedding and a funny story about the cake. Being on the tourist trail we met a few honeymooners, what a journey to begin a lifetime of partnership.
Ages Of Us : Donna
Age : 62
Ages Of Us : Zach
Age : 15

Zach was Olivia's brother and had this to say about what he hoped to do in the future...

“Er, I think I’m going to be applying to be a history teacher is actually what I’m very interested in being, and at school, so I can help shape future leaders of America!”
Ages Of Us : Brian
Age : Unknown

Brian (husband to Amanda) who travelled with a Go Pro on the front of the car and told us tales of their wedding, the discarded wedding cake, losing a wedding ring while surfing in Santa Barbra, a broken mobile and their "Awesome" wedding! A lovely couple, congratulations and best wishes for an amazing future together.
Ages Of Us : John
Age : Unknown

Last of the Ages Of Us men from Stanislaus is John who after the death of his wife 3 years ago bought an "RV" and has been travelling around California. We didn't get his age (or I can't find it) but he did tell us this is his first long trip and he's slowly on his way to a family dinner but he didn't know how long he wanted to stay.
Ages Of Us : Sarah
Age : 21

Sarah was the first person we photographed in Stanislaus National Park where she arrived travelling with her Dad.  Sarah was a coastguard and had also travelled the world in the Navy I believe.  She listed places she's been without thinking and hinted there were many more...

“I’ve been down to Mexica, Panama, Tahiti, Guatamala, Hawai, Samoa, Australia, Malaisia, Indoniasia, Philapines, Japan, Alaska (laughs), all over!"

When asked about her future Sarah replied

“Erm, probably still be in the coastguard travelling around still”
Ages Of Us : Tim
Age : 62