Ages Of Us : Asilomar Beach, Monterey.
Ages Of Us : Weike
Age : 30

Ages Of Us at Asilomar State Beach, Monterey, CA where we met the beautiful Weike who'd been surfing with her Biotech friends. Wieke told us about her work, her belief that biotech research needs to understand its responsibilities and that someday she would like to.....

"Er, somewhere beautiful, I would definitely own a dog, have a dog when i’m older…….no, it doesn’t matter, happy dog, I wanna have a happy dog, thats my dream.  For the rest, I’m already very happy!”
Ages Of Us : Eddie
Age : Unknown

Ages Of Us : Jeremy
Age : 32
Ages Of Us : Ishan
Ages Of Us : Susan and Gracie

Ages Of Us : Gracie

Ages Of Us : Ahtzyry
Age : 19
Ages Of Us : Angela
Age : Unknown 
Ages Of Us : Melissa
Age : 23

While we were shooting Darrenwent and met Melissa as she sat in her car with a friend watching the waves roll in the the world go by. Using his considerable northern charm he persuaded her to come and join in after she'd explained how...

 “I was home schooled… was great, I loved it, yeh, I learned a lot, a lot in a different way. I’m really thankful that I went, that I was home schooled” and that 

“I love my Mom (laughs) and she’s the best Mom.”
Ages Of Us : Nataliya
Age : Unknown
Ages Of Us : David
Age : Unknown