TVA Illumination, 
creative direction - film direction
Illumination for the new season of the emotions provider, TVA

TVA launches its winter programming under the sign of the lights of north and proposes to illuminate our lives. Produced by the TVA in collaboration with Mémoire liquideCreative director and commercial film directorChristian Langlois, (Versailles, MongolTV), this message is an ode to the Nordic and winter lights. A tribute to the resilience of Canadians to celebrate and get closer during long winter nights. Presenting several stars and actors of the most important generalist french broadcaster in Canada, TVA presents here by evocation and in a unique way, its programs, its headliners, the diversity and the richness of its program offer: news, series, drama, comedy, music, games and varieties. This atmospheric winter enlightenment loaded with emotions is carried by a powerful soundtrack of the promising newcomer, Alexe Gaudreault, with her title, Couleurs.

"This winter, TVA enlight you" "TVA, emotions provider"

Awards and Honours
Bronze, Best directing, Promax BDA 2017
Bronze, General Branding / Image: Station Image, Promax BDA 2017


Product: Launch trailer TVA winter programs 2017
Client: TVA Group
Executive Producer: Salvatore Scali and Bernard Fabi 
Creative director: Christian Langlois, Mémoire liquide
Creative team: Martin Thibault, Jessy Tremblay, Christian Langlois, Mémoire liquide
Director: Christian Langlois, Mémoire liquide
Director of Photography: Alexandre Bussiere
Editor: Patrice Jolicoeur
Production designer: Annie Gignac
Production Manager and Producer: Jessy Tremblay, TVA In house 
Post production, visual effects and color grading: François Nadeau, TVA In house 
Music: Alexe Gaudreault, couleurs, Distribution select
Production: TVA Group

Talents: Normand Brathwaite, Paul Larocque, Céline Bonnier, Benoit Gouin, Sophie Lorain, Stéphane Demers, Julie Bélanger, Julie Perreault, Julie Snyder, Jean-Philipe Dion, Charles Lafortune, Guy Jodoin

TVA Illumination