Looking for Working Men - Kawah Ijen

by Roman Jehanno
About Looking for Working Men
Roman Jehanno sheds light on the esthetics of the XXIst century men and women in their working environment. This collection is a testimony about the knowledge and human savoir-faire and let us met all the beauty of those working men that strives to accomplish a lifetime duty. The project is composed of several collections focusing on a specific trade, location, or group of individuals linked by their activity. 
Weavers, metal workers, barbers, sommeliers, tatoo artists... Each and everyone of them wields a precious talent that needs to be brought to light, and holds a key to understanding a bit more of the cultures of our world.

About the Kawah Ijen Collection
Deap in Kawah Ijen volcano,lies the most acid lake in the world. There we can discover an open pit sulfur mine where miners come to risk their life to quary sulfur. 
Twice a day, they go down to the volcano to harvest huge blocks of sulfur they have to cary back to the factory. They carry almos 90kg of rocks on each trip, for around 10€/day. ​​​​​​​

Rudi Sutomo, lives in Sukorejo Kidul II, is born on the 17th April 1970. He also is a guide for tourists that want to come down in the volcano.
Misnawan, from Tanah Lot
Suarno, born 30th Jun 1960, lives in Blimbing Sari Licin
Akso, lives in Tanah Lost
Solehan, lives in Blimbing Sari
Ipan, lives in Tanah Lost
Jelani, lives in Hondok
Jumanto, born 30 June 1967, lives in Dsn. Rembang, Licin
Aserin, born 10th February 1968, lives in Dsn Panggang
Tanggal Lahir, from Tanah lot
Madrusin, from Licin, born 25 december 1970
Bahri Pangang, bron 10 May 1972, from Dsn. Panggang
yatim, lives in Dsn. Kebundadap, born 30 june 1974
Many thanks to Heinz von Holzen and Bumbu Bali for their pricless help 
Bumbu Bali helps those workers by providing education to their children. Two years ago they also managed to design, products and offered them trolleys, which are a great help in their labor.
Please have a look to their website, any donation would be much appreciated (link)
You Also can bring/send them your old clothers, Bumbu Bali will then make the trip to the volcano to offer them to the workers.
Looking for Working Men - Kawah Ijen

Looking for Working Men - Kawah Ijen

Portraits of the sulfur miners in the Kawah Ijen volcano, Java