Illustrations for the Genteel
Five illustrations
The Genteel (is the inspired destination where informed readers converge with in-depth fashion and design coverage.). Working with the header image dimensions (940px x 350px) at first I found quite challenging. By the second one though, I was having a lot of fun with it. Especially when the articles are so interesting and inspiring... drawing and ideas come more easily. :)

Five illustrations for the Genteel below.
1. The Importance of Being Fashionable

Women think about fashion 91 times a day. For those who have "clothes on the brain," why is fashion so important to us?
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2. A New Age For Fashion

With the public smitten by more mature looks and the industry following suit, one wonders why ageing and fashion have - until now - been such odd bedfellows in the first place.

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3. 'Digital Newsstands With Virtual Shopping Racks'

As the digital world continues to become the new developed world, I find myself doing more with virtual assistance: maintaing some sort of "social life," consuming and creating content, and, well, general sundry tasks like, say, shopping
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4. Haute or Not?

Despite their astronomical price tags, haute couture creations are rarely profitable, and only a handful of women can afford to buy them anyway. So what's the point?

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5. An Accessory for the Modern Man

The James Bond franchise is celebrating its 50th year with the release of Skyfall at the end of the year. 
Connery: Rolex, Lazenby: Rolex, Moore: Seiko
Dalton: Rolex, Brosnan: Omega, Craig: Omega