Illustrations for the Christmas test
Are you ready to celebrate the New Year?
 You will know it by answering the questions
SantaClaus-man - a person who buys gifts for everybody
Deadline-man - a person who buys gifts, decorates the apartment 
and the Christmas tree at the last moment
Grinch-stole-Christmas-man - a person who always grumbles 
and don’t celebrates the holidays
NewYear-glutton-man - You have to hide from him Christmas salad 
and sandwiches with caviar
NewYear-geek-man - All he needs on Christmas party is a computer,
tangarines and festive cap
 Christmas-tree-man - a person who always wears strange Christmas clothes
Christmas-maniac-man - a person who decorates with tinsel everything he touches
Extortionist-man – a person who always says about what he wants to get as gifts 
for the New Year