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    Animated commercial for Ikeda Spa in the vein of something more illustrated and painterly than straight-forward, cell-shaded animation.
Singapore animation studio, CDS was engaged by Ikeda Spa to create a short animation based on an existing script that was done by the client's friend. The pitch was to animate the short commercial in the art direction of hit anime creator, Makoto Shinkai. 

In collaboration with animator, Edwin Liew, CDS did the storyboards, character design, some key animation and backgrounds for the animation. 
While this is considered the final storyboard, there will be certain cuts that will be taken out from the final version. This is out of consideration of the length of the animation and budget. 

The character designs was done to match their main target demographics of middle aged, well-to-do women. 
To keep the art direction consistent and fitting for what the client has requested for, certain key animations were painted over in-house first before the frame was handed over to the animator to work on. This allowed us to have the key scenes to have an illustrated atmosphere to it rather than having it as a more straight-forward, cell-shaded animation.
Ocha pouring scene was taken out in view of time constraint
Account Management: KC Ng
Storyboard, Character Design, Backgrounds: Tan Hui Tian
Animation (EVERYTHING): Edwin Liew (Bless him)
Additional thanks to Circus Usagi and Pricey