Vultran | Tyger 1
The Vultran Tyger 1 is a hybrid powered piloted drone that takes inspiration from advanced fighter jets, rotorcraft and modern drone technologies.  It’s powered by a core Vultran TM108 gas powered turbine power plant (for air multiplier propulsion) and four high output brushless electric AC induction motors driving 4 sets of twin stacked propeller blades. Phew… in other words, it’s got power-a-plenty. This combined with the low weight characteristics of carbon composites, epoxy and metal alloys, the Tyger 1 aims to usher in a new era of high performance Vertical Landing and Takeoff (VTOL) standards.

It’s technology boasts everything from state of the art safety features, advancements in air multiplication technology (blade-less fan), unprecedented maneuverability and AI guidance systems to help reduce the pilot workload by up to 40% and increase response time by up to 80%.
At the heart of the technology is Vultran’s onboard Artificial Intelligence Operating System (AIOS) also known as Alexia. Alexia is able to simultaneously monitor conditions from pilot vitals to outside hazards and threats. From aircraft systems regulation to emergency troubleshooting and intervention, all at instant speeds. The goal is to enhance any given pilot’s effectiveness as well as connecting directly into the machine.

Vultran | Tyger 1