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    Santa Muerte Tequila is a brand of tequila inspired by the Mexican folk-saint of the same name.

Santa Muerte Tequila
Santa Muerte is a Mexican folk saint and is believed to be a protector of people in life and in death. Many individuals seeking her protection often give Santa Muerte offerings of Tequila. I was inspired by this colorful folk saint to create a brand of tequila centered around her. I looked towards Santa Muerte shrines for inspiration, and studied the groups of people who prayed to her to find a solid visual direction. Many of Santa Muerte's worshippers are on the frays of society, like convicts and cartel members. By creating a design that combines the visual aspects of both votive candles and tattoos, I was able to convey the religious aspects of her existence as well as the intimidating qualities of her worshippers. 

To accompany the bottle design, I created a branded wooden push cart inspired by Mexican food carts. This cart could be used as a display for liquor stores as well as an activation for restaurants and bars that buy the tequila in bulk.