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    A collection of identity marks I've created over the years.
A collection of identity marks I've created over the years. I believe a good logo should be strong yet sophisticated, simple yet distinctive, and able to communicates the "first impression" of a brand in an effective way. 
Logo design for a famous Taiwanese Chef - Master Shuiwa. (Shuiwa means: frog)
Private label for a Taiwanese green-product grocery store.
A restaurant that serves both spicy Sichuan and Hunan cuisine. 
Jinma Slippers. A beach slippers manufacturing company. (Jin Ma means: Golden Horse)
Custom Jewelry Design Studio co-owned by Emily and Stanley.
High-tech security company that develops eye, voice, and fingerprint scanning devices.
Traditional Taiwanese Handmade Cookies by Mr. Ken.
Gift shop logo for the Gold Ecological Park.
Identity mark design for Chien Hsin University.
A company specializing in professional optical measurement and solar power technology.
Logo design for 2012 Green Package and Sustainability Forum.
Trademarks design for a company specializing in the development of WIFI devices for home and Christmas applications.
Macaron Cafe owned by Ms. Cathy.
Equote. Online financial service provider.
Handmade Ceramic Art by Da Qian.
American steakhouse famous for their think-cut rib eye.
Video & Photography Studio.
A manufacturer and marketer of prestigious fragrance, makeup and skincare products extracted from the Taiwan Orchid.