The entire video was shot in my flat on a very tight budget.  We shot the film in 4 days and really tried to take as many great shots as possible,  as the video required a lot of cuts.  It was a great experience and I enjoyed working with a very lovely and patient crew.

Client: Shadybrain Music
Director: Reza Dolatabadi
Music: Panic Girl
Production Company: Flaunt Productions
Producers: Paula Lacerda Bird & Amy Dowling
Dancer& Choreography: Maria Boyle

Producers: Paula Lacerda Bird & Amy Dowling
Dancer & Choreography: Maria Boyle
Director Of Photography:
Benjamin Cowie
Editing & Compositing: Reza Dolatabadi
Costume Design: Reza Dolatabadi
Rachael Forbes
My sketches for the make up and costume...
Our dream crew, from Left Rachael Forbes (costume and make up artist),  Maria Boyle (performance and choreography), Ben Cowie (DOP)
Martha Plachetka