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Belver Living Magazine - 2nd Edition

I was invited to cooperate in this new editorial project of Belver Living (free traveling magazine), a recent publication managed by Belver Hotels. This 2nd edition was dedicated to Portugal - not about the damn crisis! - but to those who stand and do not lower their arms, to those who love the country, the people, the climate, the language, the defects and all the immense qualities.

You will discover a country full of talent, tradition but also innovation (and good seafood also, enjoy!).

Art Direction: Filipe Lizardo | Client: Belver Hoteis | Editor: Rita Severino | Design: Filipe Lizardo | Photography: Cláudia Rita Oliveira (cover, main articule), Danilo Pavone, Vedoispro, Shutterstock | Illustration: Clara Pontes, Filipe Lizardo | Producer: Filipa Bolotinha