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    Insights into the times and trials of Incognita Nom de Plume, founder and Director of Museum of Dust.
Introducing our Heroine Protagonist Incognita Nom de Plume, Founder and director of Museum of Dust, collector of bones, shadows and misrememberings
Being the only true, accurate and authorised guide to Terra Incognita and its environs.
Studley Wilcocks-Lusher III at your service.

Iintroducing Museum of Dust's Minister of Defense, weapons' designer, sponge-cat wrangler and the closest thing that Incognita has to a confidante. She sometimes forgets that he is a collector in his own right.
A glimpse of the private Cog...

Incognita lives for her friends. Them and proving Musrum wrong.
Cog has problems with faith, but she firmly wants to believe that there is a greater power that cares about her personally.

Studly frequently comments (to himself, naturally) that this simply reflects Cog's belief that she IS the centre of the universe. He can't imagine why she would need an imaginary friend when she has him.