Damaged Duo
Promo photography for a couple of amazing circo-arts performers
Bendy girls with ropes and chains!

Image Workshop had a great time creating these promo portraits for alternative circus company the Damaged Duo. These two talented circoarts performers do things in their acts usually not attempted by women: intensely demanding physical stunts hanging from straps and chains that push the limits of strength and pain.

Aerial acts were shot on location in a vacant warehouse. We used Broncolor lights for fast recycle time and  lightning-quick flash duration. Hard cross-lighting highlighted the shape of each aerial pose while a soft fill light ensured the all-important facial expressions were visible. We also set up a mini headshot studio in a corner to capture promo portraits in hair & makeup before each act commenced.

A second photoshoot was set up to capture the duo on the ground to promote their solo contortion/handbalance and juggling acts.