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    A collection of illustrations and poems called Trash. Was on the short list for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation literary contest.
44 Gravel Street Dance
grease priests                        saturday nite parties in monkey suits                        swinginginginghunting forparadise                        in thearms of trees
                        i’m getting dizzy.HA!HA!HA!HA!                  Could we sit down? ihaven’t told you the punch line yet                                                i love the taste                                     of gasoline18 yr. old                     underthe starsriverboatswagger      on myelvissneer                     kneescigarettesleevesbrandosquint hell             in his fists                  flattering                                          each hoCould I have this dance?                  with his smileNOnoNOnoNOnoNOnoNOnoNOnoNOnoNOnoNOnoNOnoNOnoNOnoCERTAINLYnotNOnoNOnoNO maybe the next dance…                                    enraged embarrassed angry despondent he tries tocommit suicide        in the punch bowlrescued                   mouth to mouth resuscitationfrom a girl in a wheel chair                  I used tob a terrible dancer before I was run over by a drunk                                          calypso dancerpushes herintothe parking lot                  hoola girl                  on the dashboard                  of a ’63chevy                  back seati’m a bit drunk from saving your life shesaysstumbles over her bratumbles out of his pants into her pants                  wheels still spinning                                    his fingers                                     insideshe screams                        i’ve got blisters on myheels!                       
Death in a Time of Troublesspoons &prunes & corn flakes drifting down                                       through                                     the une a verse                         into a puddle of Vic’s                         on a concave chest pouch middle-aged grouchouch!                         You’restanding on my hand                        Getthose kids off my…wife is so youngso beautiful                         so demanding in herdeath waltzgobble gob boltdown                         vitaminsmedications                         afrodisiacs            I wish my hairwould fall back sump pump upyrrrshaft                         lightthrough the trees                         inside                        sun quit blaming                        the trunk                                                 are photographs the nakedwife stands alone in front of the mirror                        weepingsomeoneis watching her with hisright hand kidnapping memories draggingthem down Bloor Street bythe shortones                           astand up comic                                                 takes my wife Pleasesit down in front! I can’t see her smile.                         photographs from behind                                                 a curtain blondecurlylarrymoaning woman cries out                        OGod God GGGGGGod! atticstiff necked old cock jack passes                         Windin my face!outbusiness cards to all the widows on bingo nightsmallrevenge for his mother’s pain but hisheart is too small for his mouth                         thewife falls out of pain                                                and the husband falls into the cardiac’s lastcall.
Episode in Palmetto
sweating summereve                        stars flayingdarknessbbqs used as fans                        pieces of the moon                        hanging like lamb                        in a butcher shop10thfloor balcony ms adler stands bra & pantiesviciously sippinglemonade                         larry aformer grade 11 honours student                        wearing head phones                         swings down                         from the 11thwhat are youdoing here?     she demands hiding her nakedness behind aglass                         advertising palmettohigh schoollarry bowsstrikes up acigarette                        whydid napoleon drive                         his troops through Egypt                         toward moscow                         when all he had to do was ask?on tip toesms adler climbedupon the balconyrail                        come anycloser                        and i’ll jump
don’t youremember me?                        Larry smilesi was that kidyou said had a wonderful future                        sweat trickled down                        her glassI’m retired                        shesmiled
Larry reached outthere is nofuture without you                        ms adler remembered                         his engaging smileshe reached outfor his hand but lost herbalance.
Frankie and Johnny
a cruel summer                         johnny, i was afraid ofthe lighta snake slithersout of a bed                        frankieis screamingof leaves                        from on top of a chairjohnnystaring out                        abedroom                               the thief of his sighta god                                       widowerfalls                                          the shadows in themeadowsasleep                                      cows bawlingout of curiosity                          the smell of the sun                                                 as it bakes                                                the roses and cornwhy frankie?radio bleeds                             waternews                                        in the brook dancingtroops are coming home                          wildly                                                in the tall grassdead cocks                              frankie running nakedin the barnyard                         through the clover                                                in the upper meadow                                                her lover close behindjohnny stands                         inhis uniformarms hanging from his side                        whathave you done?a full moon rising in the early afternoonfrankietwistingslowlyfromthe bough of a chestnut tree.
Handsome Hank
switchboardoperator irene                           widow rich bernicesupporting5 felines                                       heir to crystal clearwater                        fortune calls                                          hello…………….                  roomservicesend me something for my wrinklesmywrinkles are lonelysendme something for my pursesendme handsome hankirene’sfiancé                        handsomehank                         shuffles his hair mumbling to thetunes                        walkman                         in his headi’vegot to have my space                        double dipper                        i’vegot to have commitment                        pirouette                        fool’s charm                        gold ‘n smileif youwant me                                                 i still owe 300 bucks                                       how can you go toher?                    onmy studebaker                                           handsome hank irenecries                        let’s                        bernice crieslove =pain                        meaton                         danger =pleasure                        the hotel roof                          banging a                         cross the sky                        bernice climbs up the buttons ofhandsome hanks uniform dragging him to the edge of the roof               deep kiss hertongueweeping                                   plunging            irene                                         like an              falling                                                               elevator            to                                                                     down               her                                                                   his                    knees                                                               throat bernice leans backwards       drown                                   overthe roof’s edge          ing in her                         handsome hank                         tears…howcould he?                        smilesseductively… slips…oh shit!  Irenegrabs her                         losetheir balance                        …lovers                        suitcase                         down 14 floors                        plungerunsthru the lobby                                                               but something                           into the street                            breaks                                                                                                               looks up                                   theirfall.and is buried.