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    Documenting 100 photos of color found throughout New York City.
I moved to NYC in late 2014, having only visited once during high school. Once I started living through the city, I noticed color combinations I've never seen before. It started with the R train's retro yellow LCD sign. I had to collect these colors! 

Traveling from a range of distances to Coney Island (Brooklyn), Flushing (Queens), and Fort Tryon Park (Manhattan). 
I would purposely get lost sometimes to find these hidden treasures. Other times, I would plan these site visits. 
I started this project in 2015 and finished in the beginning of 2017. I only had the weekends to really go out and explore 
areas other than my daily commute.

I used my iPhone to document the colors and posted them all on Instagram as a pressure for myself to not give up on this long journey. Below are some of my favorites (and Instagram crowd favorites) and where I found them.
New York Hall of Science building built for the 1964 New York World's Fair in Queens.
60 Wall Street atrium built in 1989.
Tiny's and The Bar Upstairs restaurant in Tribeca. Building built in 1810.
Art piece at Union Square called the Metronome. Installed in 1999.
Central Park's fall foliage taken in November.
The Potter Building in lower Manhattan. Built in 1886.