Robots in Space - The Hoot Hoots

This is a project that I am sad to say has been set on the back burner for far too long. It was a music video I shot for The Hoot Hoots, my brothers' band, and the scope of the project kept growing. Here is a behind the scenes look at some of the pre-production that went into this project. This project is still on going.
This is a storyboard animatic for the video. It gives you an idea of the pacing of the video.


Pre-Production Art
Robotic Bear and Hoot Hoot 01 sketches.
Time monster sketch 01
Time monster character sketch 02. This is the version I went with.
Inside Hoot Hoot 01.
Inside Hoot Hoot 01 helm.
Planet surface sketch.
Planet surface sketch 02. The version I went with.
Inside the robot's ship.
The King of Space's ship.
Space bear mountain sketch 01. This is the one I liked.
Space bear mountain sketch 02.
This is a screen test with a quick background I put behind the 'actors.'