I did her make-up, photographed her and added the Pegasus as if she is blowing him away.
Time Flies
The Empty Nest Syndrome
A world all of it's own;beneath the ocean's surface
St. Patricks Day Card Cover
Halloween Card Cover
This particular piece was created just after the 911 attacks. A therapeutic healing of sorts for me and I transformed the energy of how I felt. Titled "Gallently Streaming" after the song, to share how everyone in America was feeling. We all felt as if our nation was falling apart; although, with all that smoke behind it all, the flag was still there holding us together ~ united. The Forget-me-not flowers reminds us of those that passed away on that tragic day. The black lines represent the twin towers falling.
German Speak
Lost Memories
Poster Titled, "Jus Tri"
Close up of Jus Tri
Search for Max
Weaved Web