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    At The Star-Ledger, we tried to deliver something special and unique to the readers everyday, but particularly when the season previews for Major… Read More
    At The Star-Ledger, we tried to deliver something special and unique to the readers everyday, but particularly when the season previews for Major League Baseball and the NFL came rolling along. Once we decided upon the theme, the editors set me loose to research, write, illustrate and design the centerpiece of the section. Read Less
Informational Graphics
From The Star-Ledger, Newark, NJ
Yankees dynasties
The Star-Ledger, 2008
Evolution of the NFL uniform
 The Challenge here was to chronicle how football equipment and uniforms have evolved throughout the history of the NFL. Since The Star-Ledger covers the New York sports market, I chose using the New York Giants as the central narrative from the 1920s to the present day. I traveled to Canton to research uniforms at the Pro Football Hall of Fame Library. I decided to organize the information by decade, and focused on one element of the uniform for each decade when the largest advancement took place for that given equipment.I used other teams as examples of particular interest to engage fans of other teams and to augment the information.
The Star-Ledger, September 2006
Catching: A historyAfter we decided on the Catcher would be the theme for the 1998 MLB preview, the editors sent me to the Baseball Hall of Fame for two days to research the history of the position. Staff photographer Amanda Brown came along to shoot the vast amount of catching equipment the Hall keeps in its archive. I wrote the timeline, produced the graphics and laid out the page. I also traveled to Spring Training to interview Jeff Torborg and get video reference to build a graphic about the art of catching. The Star-Ledger, 1998
 Yankees-Mets rivalry In 2005, it was my job to take on the 40-year history of the Mets and the Yankees in New York.The Star-Legder, 2005
The Evolution of the Quarterback This was an assignment I really loved. I'm a near idiot when it comes to football, so researching the development of the QB was hardly what I would call work. I traced the major innovations and influences that changed football from a run game dominated game into the pass-happy free for all it is at present. And I highlighted the players that changed the position. To tie it all together, I used a gridiron-like timeline as a backdrop.The Star-Ledger, 2004  
Mapping the Yankees and Mets clubhouses
While both teams where at Spring Training, the Yankees and Mets gave me unprecedented access to the clubhouses at Yankee and Shea stadiums. I came armed with a tape measure, sketch book, grid paper and a point-and-shoot to get the exact layout of the space (they didn't have floor plans to give me). Pity the poor intern who was assigned to give me the tour at Shea — when I started measuring off every inch of each room, he signed deeply. Staff photog John O'Boyle tagged along in the Bronx and got some great details I used in the layout. These were the days before 3-D programs in newsrooms, so I drew the layout in Freehand. We had two weeks to pull it together after the research was done, so staff artist and all-around great guy Peter Ambush was brought on to finish the Yankees' clubhouse while I finished the Mets.
The Star-Ledger, 2001