Choosing the Best WordPress Theme for Your Business
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Choosing the Best WordPress Theme for Your Business
WordPress is a content management system for easy and quick blogging setup. According to w3Techs's survey, WordPress powered 27% of the internet. The CMS also used by popular big brand name such as TechCrunch, The New Yorker, eBay and PlayStation blog. It is no doubt that WordPress are more favorable than other content management system like drupal or Google's blogger.

Running a website using WordPress is easy, if your hosting provide a one click WordPress install, you can easily setup a WordPress site in seconds without going through all the troublesome process of setting up database and upload WordPress into your hosting. However if you're running a business website, there are a few things you need to consider when choosing WordPress theme for your site. The question you need to ask yourself is:

1- You need a blog style or magazine style WP theme?
2- Your site will be text content or image content?
3- Do i need to target mobile visitor?
4- Do i need a SEO Optimize WP theme?
5- Will it be easy to customize the WP theme?
6- Is the WP theme fast loading?

These are the important question you need to ask yourself before choosing the best WP theme for your business. Google search engine preferred a fast loading website, so you need to find a theme that can passed the Google insight test. With the rise of mobile usage in recent years, almost 60% people use mobile to browse website, therefore having a mobile friendly WP theme is an essential for your business. WordPress backend setting had evolve from when its first released, now you can easily find WP theme that can customize your site design, colors, fonts and even layout. Take away the hustle of hiring a WP developer to help customize your theme hence cost effective for your business.
The proper semantic markup for theme is as important as theme loading time. Without a search engine optimize them structure, you will be invisible in search engines, no potential customer will notice or visit your site, this will definitely halt the growth of your businesses. a SEO Optimize WP theme will be a wise choice for your start-up business, this will increase your website's visibility in the search engines. One of the popular layout style for WordPress is magazine layout, this type of layout can position more content than your normal blogging layout, combine with attractive small thumbnail next to title, users tend to click and read the article and this will effect your ranking position in search engines, the more people read and share your content, it is more likely notice by search engines metric to increase the post's SERP position.

Here are summary of tips for choosing the best WP theme for your business

Magazine Layout

Choosing a magazine layout will be content wise, you can showcase more articles in homepage. Some theme also included an options to featured your choice of posts in homepage.

Mobile Responsive

The essential part of your business might target a mobile audience so having a mobile responsive WP theme might not be a bad idea.

Easy to Customize

No need to wait in days for a WP developer to customize your WordPress site, choose a theme that have built-in customization that a newbie as yourself can easily customize the site fonts, colors and even add advertisements.

SEO Friendly

We all want people to know our business, having said, it is pointless if people cannot find your site in search engines. WordPress content management system itself is already a search engine friendly platform, so having a SEO Optimize WP theme will increase your visibility in all search engines like Bing or Google. is one the largest theme directory to find WordPress Magazine Themes. You can find all type of free WP themes in the site, they had normal blog layout theme, magazine layout theme and they even have masonry and infinite scrolling enable themes. With the additional of easy customization with their theme's built-in font and color options, all of these features are included in free version download without any premium features lock. The theme directory have more that 400+ collection of responsive WP theme to choose for your business in any kind of niches.