Initiating Conversations Using the Art of Seduction
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Dating Tips for Singles
In mastering the art of seduction, you will be able to have all the hot women you could possibly desire. You can walk into any bar, a night club, a party, or any other social gathering having the confidence of having your pick of the beautiful women. How you look like or how much money you have does not matter because these dating tips will help you seduce them at will.

By following these five basic steps, these hot women will definitely be begging for your number.

You must dress conservatively. You must always make sure you have a nice appearance. Anything too radical will literally turn off women before you can even say hello. Dress for the occasion.

You must move smoothly and slowly but with confidence. Do not move jerkily and hectic. This will actually scare women away. Your movements and voice need to be elegant and slow. Be like James Bond. Avoid burying your hands in your pockets. Do not clasp them behind your back or let them dangle freely. Do not slouch or cross your arms. Keep your shoulders slightly back and maintain your head up. Make a charming smile but do not be like a circus clown. It must be genuine, slight and enigmatic. Emulate how Mona Lisa smiled on the painting. There is a disarming effect about a genuine smile that will definitely break down barriers and win her trust to you.

Angle your body to hers when you are talking with her. Be at her side directing a certain angle towards her. Avoid doing full frontal since it could be mistaken as an invasion of her personal space. You must lean away from her rather than lean towards her. Try to observe the girlfriend qualities if what type of approach you think will she be comfortable with.

When it comes to body language, it is important for the art of seduction. It can actually make or break the deal.

The worse thing to do is to aggressively go up to her and throw an insincere compliment or a cheesy pickup line. This will definitely push her away from you. Most women do not like to be hit on. Seduction is all about subtlety.

The smoothest approach is to let them think they are actually approaching you. You should position yourself near her but not too close. Make her go the remaining distance and focus your attention on something else. You could be a man at a bookstore who was looking at the book next to the woman. After a few moments, without looking at her, you could say do you like romance novels? That could be a good starting point of a conversation. If she responds positively, then you can invite her for a coffee or a snack. Then afterward, you can now ask for her number and maybe at a later time invite her for a date.

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