Lasinen lapsuus / Fragile childhood
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"I was shocked to hear that after only a couple of drinks
my child doesn't know me anymore. In my own eyes
I'm just starting to be tipsy, but Niko thinks I've become
another person. Mom is gone and he's left alone."

Fragile childhood.

"It's hard to believe, how my son sees me after
a couple of glasses of wine. I'm not fun, cheerful
and social like I thought I would be, but rather
like a disgusting wino. Oskari is ashamed of me
and misses the person I really am."

Fragile childhood.

"I heard the shocking truth about my drinking
from my daughter. After a couple of beers
she thinks I'm a scary old man. Daddy has
disappeared and Jenni has been left alone."

Fragile childhood.

The Fragile childhood activity has begun in 1986
and has been established as a well-known form of
activity in Finland. Its goal is to help children who
suffer from parental alcohol misuse.

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG Helsinki, Finland
Creative Director: Marko Vuorensola
Art Director: Joonas Paloheimo
Copywriters: Annu Terho, Juha Koivisto, Vesa Multanen
Illustrator: Joonas Paloheimo
Additional credits: Paul Earl
Published: March 2010