Wall art for a gaming company 

The task was to create a cohesive art pieces of the video game world where characters from various games come to life together in an office space. The main lobby opens up into a scene where a group of goblins plotting against shape shifter character. 
An amazing panoramic view from the windows is framed with the campfire scene where several characters from several games are sitting by the fire and telling hunting tales.
One of the work areas allowed to create an engaging sleeping dragon scene. Main focus on a dragon that is sleeping and guarding her eggs while other characters are being sneaky and trying to attack her.
Tavern themed breakout area shows characters enjoying their beverages and playing board games. Furniture was carefully selected to go well together with the art environment. 
Second phase of the project is design for game room and hallway splash art for the restroom area. Game room features a sandbox scene where game characters are represented in their child versions playing together in a playground.
Restroom hallway consists of two walls  with  colorful scenes of the characters having fun at the attraction park.
Thank you!