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    Fightings in Cardboardia
Sport at Kartonkmask (1-24 june 2012)
Games and competitions in Cardboardia
It not so many sport games allowed in Cardboardia (). It's strange but Tyran doesn't really like sport. But he is fan of classic "Rock Paper Scissors" game and his close friend Jason Webley invent "Rhinoceros" - battles in strong cardboard boxes! Not too many Cardboardia materialisations pass without Cardboard Tube Fights, this is very important sporting event of our country.

All  type of Cardboardia sport events took place in the suburbs of Kartonkamsk (11th materialisation of Cardboardia from 1 to 24 june 2012 on the terriory of Perm, Russia).

Main rules of all Tyran supported sport types - everyone can participate. You doesn't need long period of training and money spendings! Just clear ambition and aspiration to win!