Visual identity for Bjørvika Football Club
    Bjørvika Football Club (BFC) is Oslo`s newly established professional football club, based in the neighborhood Bjørvika in Oslo, Norway. Bjørvika is of distinct cultural and national values because it was founded by the last viking king, Harald Hardåde, in 1050. Since the 2000s, it has been redeveloped as part of the Fjord City plans for the Oslo waterfront. The neighborhood will be Oslo's cultural "center." Bjørvika Stadium is located in the heart of Bjørvika.
    When Bjørvika is fully developed, the new district accommodate 4-5000 homes and approximately 20,000 jobs. In addition, cultural institutions and other activities draw visitors to the town. Altogether, it is likely that around 30,000 people will have an affinity for Bjørvika either workplace or residence. 
    The goal was to spread the joy of football and give citizens a sense of belonging and pride in their new city.
    The concept was to highlight Bjørvikas proud history in a modern and vibrant expression, representing Bjørvikas proud future. 
    Bjørvikas viking history and ties to the sea are combined with typical football aesthetics, giving the identity an international top club look.
    BFC`s identity design is supposed to reflect Bjørvikas vision:
    "The vision that Bjørvika as the gateway to Norway's capital will appear as an expression of modern Norwegian urban culture and identity in architecture, technology and sustainable urban development. The new district will be of joy and pride for the people of Oslo, and consciously help to describe the city's historical development from the origins to the 21st century. "
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