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    A collection of miscellaneous works from the past 1-2 years.
A case study design for United States based printing technology company, Wēpa. 
A pro bono project for the Count Me In Leadership Summit. The program has three age levels, requiring three separate manuals with the relevant and appropriate content. 
This project, in coordination with Count Me In Movement, was a collaboration with my Mom, Susan (previously a Graphic Designer/Artist). Our role was to create illustrations for various pages within the manuals. A handful of other designers worked on other interior illustrations as well, but I was chosen to design the covers.
The borders of the covers are made up of fragments of the illustrations inside, making each cover unique while clearly being a unified series. Due to copyright, I'm not able to display the interior illustrations.
While my time working with Muhi, the Founder of Livecords, was brief, it was also very rewarding when he told me how how happy he was with his new business cards.
Livecords has a unique online approach to teaching and learning music in a way "that is fun, collaborative and engaging." When you login to your Livecords account, you're connected to students and teachers throughout the world, making learning music more accessible.