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Mister Jun is an original font designed into 2 versions, a regular and a slanted (its name is a tribute to Seba Jun, aka Nujabes, hip hopproducer who passed away recently). Created to be used as a headlinefont, or into specific typographic compositions as logos design, illustrations, etc. I tried to create a heavy font with great visual impact while keeping some subtelties from curves, serifs...
You can download this font for free here on my typography website. More over, you can use it for commercial and personnal work.

Note : this font features only lowercase, no capitals. More over, the kerning seems not to be used into this .ttf files, so I suggest you to be careful about the interletters spacing and to modify it manually.
I should be really happy to see how other designers use my font, so don't hesitate to send me a mail with some pictures of my font includedinto your work.

Thank you and don't hesitate to download it here and to send me your creations !

More of my works here : www.les-pixels-associes.fr