I have always been fascinated by the representation of paintings inside paintings, portraits of models in the artist studio with other paintings behind them or characters in a hall decorated with paintings on the walls. All those images give an extra dimension to the portrayed person, they create an interaction. 
After visiting an exhibition of the Beaver Hall Group -a group of painters from Montreal in the early 20th Century- I got inspired and started sketching with this idea but decided to make it more obvious and create an actual tension between the woman and the painting. 
On later thoughts I realized that Jean 'Moebius' Giraud, one of my favourite comic artists and illustrators, used this idea on his drawings very often. Everything is connected.
I added a brief process description for the skin at the bottom...

This image was selected for inclusion in both 'Infected By Art' vol. 5 and 'Spectrum 24' in 2017.
Blue skin process: