When you organize a TODAY, the first thing that comes to mind is: « Where do I want the next one to be? »

To answer that question, there is a thin balance between enjoyment and relevance. That balance that gonna give space to my sensitivity, to my creativity. After Cape Town and Paris, that question came naturally to my mind.

I began to understand what was criteria to focus on, regarding the selec
tion of a city.
I remember saying to myself: « It needs to be big enough to take advantage of its urban agitation and diversity of places. But human-scaled also, so I can walk around, meet people and experience as much as I can. But too small, and I won't find anything to capture at night. »

Internal struggle, you got me!

Three years before, I went to Amsterdam. I really enjoyed roaming in Amsterdam’s street: Cruising on my bike, on a boat, to discover that surprising city. That feeling was close to the one that I feel meandering during my TODAY. And, as I was living in Cape Town, I thought that many people back there would enjoy the TODAY/AMSTERDAM exhibition.

The balance was found. Amsterdam, here I come!

The idea of Today-Project is itself simple: One City - One day - 24 photos.
During 24 hours, I devote myself to the rhythm and movement of a city, carefully chosen. 
Throughout my encounters, I follow my intuition, pursue life and capture what it offers me.
Of this adventure, I select 24 photos - one per hour - and I share it through a dedicated exhibition.
We lived in a world of pictures: it is said that one single picture is more powerful than thousand of words. Where one single picture can reach millions of viewers, in a second, and be easily integrated. It is one of the best tools to communicate, testify, question, celebrate... 
We are more connected than ever but yet, we feel lonelier than ever before.

                                   Today-project aim is to rebuild that connection through visual arts.

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