TODAY/CAPETOWN is the starting point of the Today-Project. 

At the beginning of 2015, a year after I settled down in Cape Town, two friends and I decided to set up an artistic project to celebrate the city we were living in. There is no other place like "Mother city ": vibrant, colorful, energetic, surrounded by an amazing natural environment. At that time, it felt like the perfect location to start the project: Human scaled, diverse and, of course, we were in charted territory. Two weeks after the first meeting, we put a mark on our calendar. We choose the 18th of march 2015 to be the day that, for 24 hours, we will explore and capture Cape Town's rhythm, from every angle. TODAY/CAPETOWN was on.

That morning, Nicolas and I, the two photographers on this TODAY, met at a gas station. It was 3 in the morning and the boiling cappuccino was slowly warming us up. We didn’t have any plan except to meander through those familiar streets and embrace each second of that special day. Our camera ready, we took the first step and throw ourselves, body and sort, into that unbelievable adventure. 
« See you somewhere, sometimes, my friend! »

I could have never imagined what happened during those 24 hours. For one day, I felt like I was discovering a new city, a new culture, new feelings and also a unique fatigue. I simply seized the power of this adventure. the power that it has on the human and the photographer that I am.

This power that would never let me go...


The idea of Today-Project is itself simple: One City - One day - 24 photos.
During 24 hours, I devote myself to the rhythm and movement of a city, carefully chosen. 
Throughout my encounters, I follow my intuition, pursue life and capture what it offers me.
Of this adventure, I select 24 photos - one per hour - and I share it through a dedicated exhibition.
We lived in a world of pictures: it is said that one single picture is more powerful than thousand of words. Where one single picture can reach millions of viewers, in a second, and be easily integrated. It is one of the best tools to communicate, testify, question, celebrate... 
We are more connected than ever but yet, we feel lonelier than ever before.

                                   Today-project aim is to rebuild that connection through visual arts.

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