BTCC - Animated isometric infographic development
Mining Pool
Bitcoin is often referred to as "digital gold" and is generated through a process called "mining." There is a free lottery where people use their computer to try and win bitcoins. To play in the lottery, these "miners" operate specialized computers that make quick calculations, and receive bitcoins as a reward. To increase their chances of winning, miners often pool their resources together and cooperate as a group, called a "mining pool." BTCC’s Mining Pool is one of the largest in the world, with roughly 15% of the world’s bitcoin computing power.
Exchanges are where people go when they want to buy bitcoin or other digital currencies. The price of bitcoin is determined by supply and demand. Similar to normal foreign currency exchanges, you purchase one currency by paying for it with another currency. To buy bitcoin, you simply fund your account with the local currency, and then you can start buying! BTCC is the longest-running bitcoin exchange in the world now, and one of the largest.
A bitcoin wallet is the software on your computer or smartphone that holds and keeps your bitcoin. If you want to own bitcoin, then you need a wallet to hold them. From your wallet, you can send your bitcoins to other people, or pay for things directly. A good bitcoin wallet will allow you to send and receive bitcoins easily, while also providing you with the assurance that your bitcoins are stored safely and securely. BTCC has the JustPay Wallet, which you can access from the web, or on your iOS or Android devices.
Spending Bitcoins
Once you have bitcoins, you can spend them! Send bitcoins to anyone in the world by simply knowing their bitcoin “address,” which is like their account number. Now, you can buy anything with bitcoin; on the internet, or offline in the real world. BTCC has a Forever Engraving service that accepts bitcoin as payment. Forever allows you to write permanent messages into the bitcoin network, for everyone in the world to see, forever!
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