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    Various logo marks for various clients. I will post an update to this when I can gather a fresher, more collective list.
Concept logo design for Capitol East District. Designed while at Hiebing.
Various logo marks designed while at Campbell LaCoste.
Enetrix logo design and some original concept sketches. Created while at Hiebing.
Concept logo for Encircle Health. Designed while at Hiebing.
Logo redesign concept study. 
Logo for University of Wisconsin System eCampus. Designed while at Hiebing.
Designed while at Campbell LaCoste.
Designed while at Campbell LaCoste.
Concept logo study. Designed while at Campbell LaCoste.
Logo design for M & N Aviation.
Logo design and brand identity system for Vitality Chiropractic.
Concept design for Fire Safe California, a fire prevention and education initiative.