The universe seeks you in every heart beat
The universe seeks you in every heart beat 

How can we lament that one regret when we have lost thousands of other lives, unlived, the dreams we fled? 

Like a driftwood beached, that one look across the street from a stranger who felt like he kissed you a thousand lifetimes ago...

That brush of electricity from a lost old woman as she forgetfully stumbles past. That mewl of recognition from a scrawny street cat with knowing eyes - in a dusty corner of town you have been in for 24 hours only.

That first look at a dune and you know that you have crossed it a millions of times, many, many aeons ago.

Who are you ?
Have we met before.
Do I know you?
Did you once lead me by your hands?

Was there a war between us? Did I trace idles circles on your lips with my fingertips? 

Where you my child? Did I lose you too soon?

Where you there before I was created, did you watch me become?

Are you the first sound I heard. Or was I your last?

Did I pass you by while you stood knowing that you knew me from a thousand years.

Why do I recognise you everyday and you me? And yet we never meet?