Brickyard Gastropub Signage
3 signs we designed, got produced and installed for the Brickyard Gastropub in Dundrum, Dublin, Ireland as part of a larger project. The place has an industrial but clean atmosphere inside but it wasn't obvious from the road so 3 large steel slabs were cut out and installed. 

All 3 are laser cut from COR-TEN steel and the white letters are laser cut from opal acrylic and perfectly slotted into the holes cut through the steel. A light strip was installed into a half-pipe cavity behind the white letters so that it lights them up individually at night. 

Naturally all 3 signs are extremely heavy so installation was  fun to say the least, especially for the sign above the door. It's vertically supported by concrete bolts off the concrete balcony above it and weighing at nearly 100kg plenty of man-power was required to get it into place. 

Courtyard entrance sign
Courtyard sign close up at night
Courtyard sign close up at night
Side sign after 2 months of rusting. 
Side sign at night showing the lit-up letters.
Close up of the side sign at night
Over-the-door sign at night