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    Tokyo Stories
The downtown trains are full with all those girls, they try so hard to break out of their little worlds. (Kyodo Station - Setagaya Ward)
You sold the best of yourself out, on a chain of grey and white lies
One syllable at a time, You should have made them pay a higher price (Prada Store  - Aoyama)
They believe in geisha dreams, perfect smile, an illusion for awhile. (From a bar window -  Asakusa)
i'm gonna take you down to the market, 'cause that's where the trouble starts. (Ameyoko - Ueno) 
How does the warden sleep at night, after the long day's through?
Does he toss and turn, does his conscience burn? Is he a prisoner too? (Imperial Palace - Chiyoda)
She's got the face sweet as a baby, elegant taste and money to burn, her "yes" is "no", "no" is a "maybe" (Shopping - Omotesando)
Such a sad taste, honey (yeah, bad taste), oh you leave me with this, bad, bad taste ( Gotokuji Temple - Setagaya Ward)
Everyone I leave seems to get away and everywhere I go, I want to travel by rickshaw. (Rickshaw - Asakusa)
Convenience stores and school lives,  all sorts of dreams and wishes are lined up side-by-side. (School Girls - Ebisu)
I'm the taxi driver riding around with me and my thoughts
In the back seat behind me speaking to me while I'm driving, I'm hearing them talk to me saying where they wanna go
Soon as they get in, they close the door and then I cruise to wherever we riding wherevere you can imagine from coast to coast (Black cab - Nakameguro)
Hello! We're twins, we're twins, yes sir
I am me she is she except when I pretend I'm her (Same same, but different - Ginza)
Always kiss the wife goodbye, often wonder why, Think it's time for a change, wouldn't that be strange.
What a waste of time. (Worker - Ginza)