PaperGo - Only Love For the Printed Life
Brand Identity & Visual Language

Well, obviously, we love printed stuff. And self-centered, talking leaflets.
PaperGo’s brand identity consists of some pretty cool merchandise including coasters, tote bags, notepads and special goodies for special occasions. Some of them are actually quite meta, meaning that the brand is talking about the brand through its own services, *brandception*, like the NFC embedded coasters.
Spacey elements, geometric patterns and witty copies compose a fun, layback but solid visual identity for PaperGo, expressing the brand’s creativity, vision but mostly the PaperGo’s team vibe.

Creative Direction / Art Direction & Design  -  Ioana J. Alfa
Copywriter  -  Zoe Boukouvala
Photographer  -  Nikos Kostopoulos
Logo Design in collaboration with Anna Trympali
Poster Design & Unlimited Moral Support -  Eleni Simantiraki

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