Digital x hand drawn graphic/2016

The Camera Gun 

Friends, I would like to introduce you my version of weapon of mass destruction. Only this weapon will save the world! The weapon is effective because it brings beauty; it is creation-oriented, makes people smile and look on the bright side/think happy thoughts! Before you start fighting/launch war, try to clean up your heads and—more important—souls. Most probably, after this the desire to fight will simply vanish. Try to find beauty around and inside your world. Live, create, lead by example!

City–Fairy Tale
Civilization tightly fettered people in concrete meshes. Now the NATURE is called «wild». Rods of civilization have been stronger every day. Actually this is only illusion in our heads. There is exit everywhere, even from the strongest cell. 

Only Love is Sweeter
Each year many people who have ever tasted a ripe watermelon look forward to the new season in order to taste it again. Unfortunately, not that many of those millions of people are truly in love and at the same time being loved. However, those lucky ones who feel it would say that sincere, unconditional love is sweeter than any fleshy watermelon. Having felt it once, we keep it in our hearts forever. 

Healthy Food

It's illustration about healhy food.

The Skyscrapers–Monsters

The big soulless cities-monsters come with progressive speed. We can’t see the sky in almost all of them! To walk barefoot is becoming obsolete luxury. But a common sense takes priority!

The Ordinary Herring 

We have been studied to be like all since childhood. Do not excel. Do not look around. Do not ask questions. Be like all. In length of time most people have this habit and they live like this all their lives. Only few manage to show character and jump out of the circle of everyday life, be a person.

The Interview With Conscience 

Sooner or later your conscience will ask you certain questions. Whether you will be able to answer or not depends only on you. In order not to feel ashamed, be human now. Do not wait until Monday.

Advanced Technologies

We live in the most wonderful time. There is a century of new interesting technologies. I am thankful to live in this time. And I dedicate the work to Civil Aviation.

Still Alive

The picture is dedicated to the people who lost the sparkle in their eyes.

Prisoners of Time
What is time? Our entire life is measured in time. Even though it is an abstract value, time is our most precious asset. Maybe it does not even exist and we ourselves set limits, but anyway human life is not endless and measures in time. However, nobody knows how much time is left, how to measure it, when it is over and whether there will be one more chance to live or not. The truth is that the majority of people do not think about time, as well as about many other important questions, up to a point. Nevertheless, out clocks tick without stopping for a while or slowing down. We all are slaves, prisoners at the endless jail of time. Maybe someone will manage to distill the secret and get free.